Entity 112
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An image of Smailičona in Level 79.

Entity Number: 112

Habitat: Level 79


Smailičona is a feline mammal that takes the appearance of a domestic cat, and can be found only in Level 79. She is a friendly and helpful entity who can guide any wanderer throughout Level 79 and show them where to find Almond Water and other supplies.

Smailičona has special abilities: she can no-clip through walls at will, she can show you where the exit is in Level 79 And if somehow you are in danger in Level 79, she will save your life. For example, if a wanderer is starving she will give him Almond Water. Another special ability she has is that, when a wanderer sits down: Smailičona will jump on his legs and sleep on him. The wanderer will then start to get very tired and will most likely fall asleep. When the wanderer wakes up he will find random objects.

The random objects can be anything from Almond Water to weapons although it's very rare to get a weapon. After the wanderer wakes up, Smailičona will be on the floor sleeping
or relaxing as it can be seen in the picture. If the wanderer decides to pet Smailičona, she will purr and feel relaxed. A wanderer can pet her as much as he wants, but Smailičona will get up and go drink Almond Water if she needs to.


Smailičona is a kind cat. When she sees you, she will happily come up to you and would want you to pet her. When you decide to leave she will return to her spot and wait for the next wanderer. She is a very peaceful entity: she will never attack any wanderer but, if a wanderer attempts to hurt her she will scratch or maybe bite the wanderer. The injuries can't kill you but they can get very painful. Smailičona can also sense danger: if a wanderer is thinking about how to hurt her, she will temporarily blind the wanderer before he can hurt her. If a wanderer just attacks without thinking about it, she will scratch and bite the wanderer. It's believed that Smailičona developed those abilities after biting a wanderer that has been in contact with a Growlers. How and where she fought with Growlers is still a mystery but it is believed that Smailičona came from Level 4 to Level 79. However, this is unconfirmed. It may be because of this that Smailičona also hates Growlers; if a wanderer has been in contact with one she will not want to be near them. She will hiss at the wanderer if it gets near her. If this happens, it is advised you quietly leave the room and, if possible, leave Level 79


Smailičona is a domestic cat with black and white fur and blue eyes. Like all female cats Smailičona is relatively small. She has very sharp teeth and overall a powerful body. Her main source of nutrition is Almond Water, but she can go days without it and be fine.


Smailičona was discovered on the 24/4/2021 when a wanderer went upstairs on Level 79.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Trust her
  • Follow her
  • Pet her
  • Spend time with her


  • Ignore her
  • Fight her
  • Be rude to her

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