Entity 144 - "Nonbelievers"
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Entity Number: 144

Habitat: Majority (Most commonly levels inhabited by humans)

Behind every mask, there is a face and behind that face, there is a story that must be told. These heathens abandoned their own beliefs for the sake of their new aspirations. To our eyes, they will always be cursed — marked as "Nonbelievers".

— Highmarshal Naruyama, of the Eyes of Argos



A depiction of the Nonbelievers.

Entity 144, preferably regarding themselves as Nonbelievers, consists of converted wanderers. They roam the Backrooms to enroll subjects to join their so-called "faith”. They refrain from communicating vocally, rather they express their words through sketches of the scenery around them. Their main base is situated on Level 20 and is known as "The Faithful Grounds".1


These occurrences are to be anticipated when encountering Merciful Nonbelievers:

Merciful Nonbelievers often travel in groups consisting of 3-6 members, wandering the levels in search of humans to be part of their "faith". If they come across a human subject, they will then insist they join. They will offer items as hospitality such as Almond Water, [[[object-16|Royal Rations], and other supplies to persuade individuals.2

If a subject rejects their hospitality or tries to run, the Nonbelievers will be sent into an aggressive state. Merciful Nonbelievers have the same endurance as humans, able to keep up with sustained chases. However, they lack physical strength, meaning they usually try to latch on to their victim and drag them to the ground. Once a Nonbeliever has someone pinned, the group will pile on top of the unfortunate wanderer, grasping their arms and legs to prevent escape. Smoke will begin to materialize from no apparent source from within the pile. The process of "Circumlocution" takes about a minute to complete.3 After the ritual is complete, the subject would be unable to recall their memory and accept their new “faith” with the rest of the Nonbelievers.

Merciful Nonbelievers worship at sites of prayer:
Merciful Nonbelievers usually congregate in groups of 5-20 members, remaining stationary for a period of 5 minutes to 2 hours. During this time, they kneel down on one leg with their fists making contact with the floor and their heads tucked into their chest. If a wanderer catches their attention or makes physical contact with them during this period, the Nonbelievers will become hostile.

Involuntary Sacrifice:
What is to be expected on the off chance of encountering a Blue coat with a red mask Nonbeliever:

Blue coats with red masks variants travel alone when hunting. If one comes across a humanoid subject, it will protrude red bolts of electricity from its hands in an effort to immobilize the target. Once it makes physical contact with the still living subject, all hope is lost. The subject will begin to have all life drained from it and will rapidly decompose. Any attempt to resist only accelerates the process. All bodily elements of the subject are absorbed as nutrients for the Nonbeliever.


Nonbelievers consist of four different colored variants. Their clothing includes buttoned raincoats, matching colored rain boots, blue jeans, and a mask.

Merciful Nonbelievers:
Nonbelievers that behave passively toward other humans have orange coats with blue masks, green coats with purple masks, or gray coats with white masks. However, inflicting physical harm or committing an action against their beliefs within their presence will turn them hostile. Their faces are concealed with a plastic face mask; a black colored substance is used to create the impression of a surprised expression.

Blue coats with red masks Nonbelievers:
This variant is extremely rare and are the most hostile among the group. Blue coats with red masks Nonbelievers assert a hostile aggression toward all life within the Backrooms. They are the only variant of the Nonbelievers that possess inhuman strength and having the ability to levitate. While in a hunting state, they will seek out humans or other humanoid entities (including Merciful Nonbelievers) to absorb their physical structure. On this variant’s mask, a menacing smile with large teeth is drawn in a white substance. Avoid them at all costs.


Sightings of Nonbelievers were first reported on Level 20 after the recent extinction of the Partypoopers. The exact origin of how the group first commenced remains unknown. It has been hypothesized they are still humans that had abandoned their initial beliefs in the Frontrooms to accept a new cause within the Backrooms.

The following is a list of rules displayed along a wall outside of their main base:

1. Everyone is to be treated as equals.

2. Refrain from speaking.

3. Always keep your appearance concealed.

4. Circumlocution must be utilized to convert sinners.

5. Always save time to pray.

6. Do not engage with those red mask traitors.

7. Welcome the Partygoers with open arms. =)

Additional Info:

Unlike Merciful Nonbelievers, blue coats with red masks variants have a high pain tolerance. They have been capable to withstand the majority of handheld and throwable weapons within the Backrooms. The most reliable method of stopping them has been through the use of Firesalt. Larger ingots consisting of 50 grams or more have been proven to briefly weaken them, giving an opportunity to escape.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Accept their hospitality.
  • Hide from blue coats with red mask variants and stay out of their line of sight.


  • Run from Merciful Nonbelievers.
  • Interact with Merciful Nonbelievers during prayer.
  • Try to reason or fight blue coats with red masks variants.

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