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Entity Number: 27

Survival Tips: Avoid warm doors and sounds of heavy breathing

Description: While exploring the Backrooms, you may find pale doors that are warm to the touch. If you go inside, you'll enter a Fleshroom, which is both a room and a living being. The door you had previously entered will lock, trapping you inside. The walls of this room have several eyes, ears, noses, and other facial features that vary from Fleshroom to Fleshroom, but each one of them has exactly one month.

Fleshrooms are somewhat unique among the entities, however, as they are one of the few species in the Backrooms that can understand and speak human languages. This is your ticket out, simply talk to the Fleshroom enough and it will become satisfied with you, unlocking the door and letting you free. If you don't, however, the walls of the Fleshroom will inevitably start caving in on you and crush you, allowing the Fleshroom to absorb your thoughts. (This is one way they learn human speech, Fleshrooms that have encountered more people usually have a more advanced vocabulary.)

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