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Entity Number: 27
Habitat(s): - N/A


Mockers are non-corporeal grotesque monsters with completely random physical appearances. They target wanderers with low sanity or morale and mess with them emotionally and psychologically.


While the lifespan of a human is far longer in the Backrooms, and is theoretically endless, Mockers will target the mortality of wanderers and mock them for it. They will say things like, "Your time is running out", "You will never escape", and "Feeble back of skin and bones". They will also often try to scare or startle wanderers, but they can cause no physical harm. Only people they choose can hear them, so an Entity twenty feet in another direction will not hear them.


The form of a Mocker is that of a grotesque monster, which varies from person to person. Physical descriptions have varied from semi-humanoid creatures to eldritch horrors that don't resemble any other documented creature, Backrooms-originated or not.

Do's and Dont's:


Keep your sanity intact and ignore their belittling.


Attempt to fight or run away from Mockers. Slowly walk away and try not to pay any mind to them.

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