Entity 51

Entity Number: 51

Habitat: None. The paper can be found from level-10 and up


Entity 51 is a very regular piece of paper that seems to be from some old book in perfect condition. It is a barrier between reality and a fiction where an entity lives trapped in this role. There aren't many current details on the Paper due to it being found in every level from negative to normal Level 10 and up. A characteristic of the paper is that if a living being touches it, it will break and you must have some object that can hold it over a long distance so as not to be affected (touch the paper directly).

  • Entity 51-A: It is an metaphysical entity that is capable of affecting the nature of reality and shows a great ability to change and control time. The entity measures around 3 meters, has no face, just a mouth and a light on its head. Once there is physical contact with the entity, an anomalous effect occurs that leaves its victims without skin and due to the levels of radioactivity (depending on whether or not there is) the victim suffers severe damage, loses control of his body and becomes turns into a zombie that after five to eight minutes dies.
  • Entity 51-B: Entity 51-B is a creature created by Entity 51-A. This entity is the living corpses of those who make physical contact with Entity 51-A. This entity does not have much in particular, it is simply an undead being without skin, after which it is easy to annihilate because its resistance is affected by not having skin and it dies in minutes.


Entity 51-A is completely hostile and you should not have physical contact to avoid being attacked. However, the entity is somewhat blind and if you don't move it will not attack you and it will believe that you are a sculpture or a simple object, also you should not look at it since it will begin to doubt your composure a lot.


The biology does not match the current ones since it can be described as a humanoid entity due to several of its human characteristics and aspects but it also presents other aspects beyond what the human eye sees. So it is unknown what Entity 51-A actually is but is classified as a human-kind but not as a true human.

The entity's skin does not look like normal skin as it is completely dark that light cannot reflect it and it has a layer under this layer of skin that makes it immune to long range attacks like a pistol or even a cannon. Its teeth are sharp as blades capable of penetrating very easily. He also has three hands, the third is on top of his head and it shoots a beam that can make holes in walls and also manipulates energy with it. He absorbs matter and can turn it into anything he wants.


Entity 51 was first seen at level 15 but didn't take much notice of it until its presence increased throughout all levels and was even seen at negative levels.

A hazard group discovered the position of the paper and it was picked up and as its nature was not yet described the entity broke free from the paper barrier and reality turned dark. Unable to see anything, the hazard group was annihilated one by one but the entity obtained to attack the last one because it possessed the paper that can lock it up and in the same way the paper was used against it. After locking up the entity, it was taken to a laboratory for espionage and analysis of the anomalous object, although the paper had disappeared and since then many tests and projects have been carried out to try to contain the paper so that it does not cause more damage.

Do's and Don'ts:


Avoid contact and do not act aggressive


Try to get close to the entity at least if you have the paper

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