Entity 60 - "Replicants"
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Entity Number: 60

Habitat(s): - Cosmopolitan


Replicants are a species of mechanical Entities that inhabit all human-populated Backrooms levels, with varying rarity. They have a humanoid body structure, with two pairs of metallic appendages superficially resembling arms and legs, albeit appearing as thin, metallic bones. The arms and legs are connected to a metallic box, made out of variable materials (but most often metallic) with a diverse degree of damage, most commonly rust. Said box is full of gears, shafts, and struts that seemingly control the Entity. Dissection reveals more parts than it should be possible to fit in a box of such size, revealing a probable spatial anomaly.

The most remarkable part of a Replicant is the head. Located on the very top of the box and attached to a human-looking neck, it resembles a human head with a surprising level of realism. The head of the Entity seems to be capable of mimicking most, if not all, human expressions, mannerisms and vocalizations; excluding eating and drinking. However, most Replicant heads are regarded –with varying degree– as "unnatural" and "unnerving" by humans.

These entities seem to possess an intellect similar to humans, with some of them being possibly sentient. However, this intelligence seems to be directly tied to the damage sustained by the box in their torso. The most clever will usually have a clean and well maintained inner box –nicknamed Clevers– , with those sustaining large amounts of degradation being impulsive, brutal and animalistic –nicknamed Bestials. Most Replicant seem to belong to the latter category.


Replicants seem to have a single prime directive: be human. It has been observed that this particular species of Entity will go to great lengths to appear and behave like a person, with varying results. A bare and clearly inhuman Replicant often tries to "become" one by robbing diverse body parts (most usually limbs and skin) from dead or alive people.

Bestial Replicants will maul any traveler they find by hacking off their limbs; which they will try to implant upon their bodies by violently inserting their appendages onto the chopped off arms and legs. These results do not tend to facilitate their intent to become humans; and they will violently kill anyone who notices their "disguise". If their target does not appear to recognize them as Entities, they will appear to be overly friendly until their cover is blown.

On the other hand Clever Replicants although they are also prone to murder to gain human parts, are more discrete in the obtaining and disguising themselves. Clever ones tend to maintain their stolen arms and legs, stripping the inner flesh, stuffing the appendage, and disinfecting the skin to make it last. Instead of trying to make their torso appear human, they instead hide it under layers of clothes. They may even modify their own heads in order to appear less uncanny.

Clever Replicants who are successfully disguised attempt to blend in with any human group they find. They tend to behave as regular but prudish wanderers of the Backrooms, and may even join exploring parties, make business, and form friendships with people. Even if they are discovered, these Entities will attempt to reason or blackmail the discoverer to avoid being caught; simply fleeing if they are confronted with overwhelming evidence of their nature. Compared to other Entities, Clever Replicants do not seem to wreck havoc once infiltrated, nor do they have any impulse to kill or eat any survivors of the Backrooms. They simply blend in.


As previously mentioned, Replicants are mechanical automatons and as such do not seem to have any biological part other than the human appendages they steal. These body parts, once attached to the Entity in question, seem to rot in a slower manner, but otherwise behave exactly like it should.
Their inner boxes seem to act not only as the motor of the Entity but also as the brain, as if it is damaged it seems to affect how intelligent a Replicant is or behaves. It is unknown how exactly it mimics a brain, as the inner mechanism of the box should not be able to even allow movement to the Entity.

The head of a Replicant is a marvel of engineering. When dissected, it has been discovered to be an artificial analog to a human head. Its skin is made out of plastic, its muscles out of carbon nanotubes, its eyes glass cameras remarkably similar to eyes, and its skull is made out of metal; all coordinating in order to appear to look like a head. It is to note however that their skull is completely hollow, there does not appear to be any noticeable brain analog inside.


Although Bestial Replicants had been known by many before the M.E.G. or the B.N.T.G. even formed, Clever Replicants were accidentally discovered after one trader was mauled by a pack of Death Rats in front of their trading caravan, their robotic nature exposed before being torn apart. A short purge of the B.N.T.G. of these Entities soon followed due to fear, although it is not known if some were not discovered and hid.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid being noticed if within sight.
  • Run if the Entity does not seem "disguised".
  • Play along if it is "disguised" and politely escape.


  • Try to befriend — especially if it is considered Bestial.
  • Panic and scream if it is poorly "disguised".

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