Level 42
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Level 42 is the 43rd Level of the Backrooms.
Note: Due to the weirdness of the Alice in Wonderland effect, photographs of this level cannot be taken.


It is a very tall restaurant that is mainly made up of shades of dark reds. Immediately when you enter, there will be a large maroon-coloured staircase. This staircase divides the level into 2 parts: The ground floor (Aka the bar) and the first floor (the diner). The bar looks abandoned and has no bartender. It is also strongly advised to NOT drink anything from the bar as the drinks are rumoured to be disguised liquid pain.

The diner is a room full of tables of facelings. They will not attack you as they are under the level 11 effect. A humanoid-looking sort of entity will be waiting for you at the nearest table. It has blonde hair and has a name tag on its clothes that says “Jessica”. The MEG have assumed this is the name of the entity but can’t confirm it, as ‘Jessica’ is physically unable to talk.

Once you have sat down, Jessica will wait at your table until you have ordered your food. It is very important that you have ordered food that is high in carbohydrates (Eg, Pasta). This is because when you eat carbohydrates in this level, it gives you a strange effect called the “Alice in Wonderland” effect. Meaning that you will grow. A lot.

Once you feel yourself growing, leave your table and run to the bright red door at the back of the diner. If you didn’t order food rich in carbohydrates, then you are too small to reach the door handle. If you DID order it and ate it all, then you can open the door and leave the level.
PS: The growth from the Alice in Wonderland effect wears off after an hour of leaving Level 42

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are currently none

Entrances And Exits:


if you find an insanely red-looking bar with the word ‘Tall’ written outside in bold on Level 11.


Through the bright red door. It will lead back to Level 11

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