Level 58.1
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Class 4

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Level 58.1's pool, also taken by @Matschladen.

Level 58.1 is a Sub-Level of the Backrooms. It is a sort of "dark side" to Level 58.

Level 58.1 is accessed through the one functioning slide in Level 58. Water is present in the slide, however, upon exit, the water seems to completely disappear.


This level is very cold and silent, with no immediate presence of life or danger. Additionally, Level 58.1 has a large pool, which is vandalized and empty, as seen in the photo provided by @Matschladen. Particles of thick, dark dust can be seen falling from the ceiling occasionally. Breathing this is extremely harmful, and it causes immediate cardiac arrest upon consumption of even a minuscule dose. The entire Level is dimly lit all throughout, except during a "Blackout". Blackouts are extremely dangerous events in which the entire Level goes completely dark, and entities dubbed "Stranglers" emerge to hunt and attack any living presence, including their own kind via strangulation. After the Blackout, they rush back to their dens, leaving all of the dead behind.

Every day, at least once a day, a man who calls himself "The Milkman" comes by and delivers a single bottle of Almond Water to every living being in Level 58.1, even venturing in and out of Strangler dens to deliver. He only interacts by saying "Good Morning, I am the Milkman," before giving a bottle of Almond Water.

This Level is much more confined than a typical level, being only about 4000 square feet total. Groups who travel to this Level are split up into their own copy of this Level.

Survival Guide

An anonymous user who claimed to be in a group at one point claimed that them and their group compiled a comprehensible guide to survival in this level. This is their guide:

I got myself and several others stuck in Level 58.1 cause we had the brilliant idea of not heeding the warnings about going down the working slide. We got split up, and now we're only communicating through text. Whatever you do, do not go down the working slide. For f*cks sake, do not go down the working slide.
I've been trapped in this place for about a month now, I made this guide for those who have been unfortunate enough to go down it anyway. I hope to god you don't use this cause you want to go down for fun.
1. Only drink half of your Almond Water. If you stock up what The Milkman gives you, you should be okay for any trying times. Plus The Milkman will start to like you.
2. Take your shirt off and use it as a mask. The black dust the falls from the ceiling killed two of my group members within a few seconds. DO NOT BREATH IT. If you can, use some of your excess Almond Water to douse your shirt for a safer mask. Just don't breath the dust.
3. When the lights go out, wait to hear the sounds of the Stranglers. Once you start to hear stomping, they're close. When this happens, scream, stomp, flail around. Act like you've lost your mind. They're deathly quiet, and they like it that way. All you've got to do is scream at the top of your lungs, and they won't bother you. I'd recommend keeping Almond Water on hand, cause it really wears out your throat.
4. Eat the Stranglers. Seriously. They're edible, and the taste like chicken. You don't even have to cook them, they're already fresh and warm when you get to them. Don't stockpile the food though. Other Stranglers will gladly take all of it.
5. Use the Strangler fur to make clothes. This place gets really cold sometimes. Especially since you need to take off your shirt to survive in the first place. All you really need to do is focus on getting the fur into a usable state. Don't do anything fancy, just make sure you're warm. One of my friends made this genius discovery just yesterday, after yet another one of my mates died of hypothermia.
Follow these like rules, and you'll survive this level for as long as possible. I haven't found an escape yet, sadly, but maybe it'll rear it's ugly head soon enough.

Entrances And Exits:


This level is accessed via the one working waterslide on Level 58.


There is no known way to leave this level for now, beside No-Clipping into the Negative Levels.

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