Level 606
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CONTENT WARNING: This page contains heavy mentions of blood and mild gore. If you are sensitive to these topics, I do not recommend reading the article.



Exit: 0/5
Guaranteed Exit

Environment: 0/5
No Environmental Risks

Entities: 0/5
No Hostile Entities


The first hallway upon entering the level.


Level 606 is a series of hospital hallways with a set layout, similar to modern US hospitals. The walls appear to be made out of hardened white Polyvinyl. These hallways contain large, sterile rooms of different purposes, with various hospital equipment, such as blood stands, beds, chairs, or cabinets containing medicine. Some of these contain working operating equipment; however, they are rare as only a couple have been reported on the entire level. Level 606 serves as a base for the M.E.G., entitled "Caduceus Vanguard".

M.E.G. Base "Caduceus Vanguard" is a medical center, treating wanderers unfortunate enough to be afflicted by the various illnesses found in the Backrooms or injured by the environmental hazards or the dangerous entities.

To ease access all around, Level 606 is split into four sectors, assigned from A to D, each serving the designated purposes:

Sector A

Sector A serves as the entrance to Level 606, which is only possible by touching the "Donate Blood" poster on Level 109. It contains the Emergency Department, Orthopedic Department, and Radiology Department.

Sector B

Sector B is the middle section of Level 606. This department has a higher number of operating machines and was thus designated for the Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Anesthesiology Departments.

Sector C

Sector C is the third section of Level 606. The Intensive Care, Ophthalmology, and Cardiology are the designated departments for this sector. This sector has larger rooms and is far away from the main pathway towards the exit.

Sector D

Sector D represents the largest series of halls within the level and was seemingly designed to function as a transfusion center. Multiple transfusion departments, both for medical and research purposes, have been set up here, alongside a small storage unit. Wanderers are encouraged and rewarded by the M.E.G. to donate blood.


Level 606 is completely devoid of any entities. However, very rarely there have been reports of hostile entities no-clipping into sector A. As such, the M.E.G. has assigned guards to each sector to better increase security in the event of another entity no-clipping into the level.


On 3/15/2023, Level 606 was discovered when a M.E.G. volunteer was guiding an explorer to a doctor in Level 109. Upon taking a corner, the volunteer touched a "Donate Blood" poster by mistake and reportedly fell unconscious, waking up in the undiscovered sector A of Level 606. Noticing the environmental change, the volunteer began exploring and came fast to the conclusion that the level is safe and relatively small. He was quick to notice the exit to Level 11. His finding was then reported to the M.E.G. higher-ups, who immediately decided to begin further exploration of the level and set up a base within a week of the discovery, opening the possibility of giving medical care to wanderers in a safe area.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

M.E.G. Base "Caduceus Vanguard"

  • Fully operated by the Major Explorer Group.
  • Offers medical treatment to wanderers.
  • Actively working to relocate doctors from Level 109 to this level.
  • Heavily guarded.
  • Has around 200 staff members, doctors, nurses, and guards.

Entrances And Exits


  • Touching a "Donate Blood" poster on Level 109 will cause the wanderer to become unconscious and wake up at the beginning of the level.


  • The only known exit out of this level so far is going through the last door on Sector D, which will take the wanderer to Level 11.

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