Level γ
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An image of Level γ1, taken by u/T4kenNames.

Level γ is an enigmatic level of The Backrooms.

Its existence was discovered by u/woahthereee, but the first image of Level γ was taken by u/T4kenNames. There isn't much information on the level, so I will try my best to explain what it is.


Level γ is an infinite flight of stairs with locked doors on each turn. The wallpaper and stairs vary depending on which sub-level of Level γ you are on. Level γ also suffers from light glitches (e.g. flashlights not being as bright in the area around it, as seen in the first photo.). These light glitches are only common on Level γ1, and do not appear in the sub-levels after that.


There are 4 sub-levels in Level γ that are stable; Level γ1, Level γ2, Level γ3, and Level γ4. It is theorized to have infinite sub-levels.

Level γ1 is a staircase with green wood for walls, and dark, smooth wood for the stairs themselves.

Level γ2 is a staircase with wood steps, and a smooth, white wallpaper.

Level y3 is a fully wood staircase, with random staircases connected to it that have dead ends, kind of like a maze of stairs.

Level γ4 is concrete with worn down wallpaper.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this level.

Entrances and Exits:


You can enter randomly by clipping through corners in the 9 Quantum Stable levels. It doesn't always work, though.


You can exit through a random unlocked door. The door can take you to either a hotel that smells like mint, or deeper into Level γ's sub-levels. If you enter the hotel that smells like mint, sleep on the bed, and exit through the door.

You can also clip through a corner to enter Level 0, but it is incredibly hard, and only works in Level γ4 and up.

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