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Level -4 is an enigmatic level of the backrooms.


Level -4 appears to be a large forest with little to no signs of human inhabitants or animal life of any kind. The forest is pitch black at all times and does not seem to have a regular day-night cycle if any.

Interestingly, arrivals at this level always enter at the same location. The building in question is a large burned-out barn of some sort, and other than this barn no other human-made structure has been found.

Due to the nature of entering Level -4, attempts to map out the level and establish outposts have been made several times. However, as of the attempts of M.E.G. outpost “Redforest” the M.E.G. has decided to cancel any operations within Level -4 aside from trips to Level -5.1

There have been no determinate guesses as to the size of Level -4, nor where its endpoint is, as it is not easily navigated past the entrance point. Other than its an entrance there are no landmarks to easily mark progress. Additionally, compasses, while functional, are less reliable than normal and malfunction easily.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

The M.E.G. has attempted to inhabit Level -4 various times due to its easy to access and seemingly non-hostile nature. Several joint operations with the Followers Of Jerry were also made to create an outpost in the hopes of easing tension. However, every attempt at communities and outposts has failed. Found below is a list of failed operations and how they failed.

Outpost attempt 1- “Outpost Charity”

Outpost Charity was founded a year after the discovery of Level -4 with the goal of helping survivors who entered Level -4 and required assistance. The outpost was created by five volunteers and made a mile southwest from the barn entrance.

The volunteers were given two months' worth of supplies that were meant to be distributed equally, however when the second supply came no volunteers returned to the barn to pick up supplies. The corpses of all five members were found holding hands in a circle around the rations crate, having willingly chosen to starve themselves instead of eating the provided rations. They died without a struggle after four to five days of malnutrition. The reasoning behind their decision has yet to be determined.

Outpost attempt 2- “Outpost Burns”


Photo of Level -4 taken by outpost burns.

Outpost burns were made four months after the death of the outpost charity volunteers with the same goal, however with additional measured precautions made by the volunteers to avoid death.

The outpost was staffed with three volunteers, and was meant to be given supplies monthly and provided with a camera to document events.

The volunteers stayed for three months without issue until, during the fourth supply drop, all three volunteers had vanished from camp. The camera was not found, however, a photo it had taken was still in the campgrounds. On the back of the photo the words “Going north- don’t follow” were written in shaky handwriting. The exact location at which the photograph was taken and the current whereabouts of the volunteers have yet to be determined, despite extensive searches.

Outpost attempt 3- “Outpost Bluebird”

Outpost Bluebird was an outpost created by the Followers Of Jerry in the previous location of Outpost Charity with the permission of M.E.G. officials. The Outpost was staffed by four priests until they were all found dead in various areas outside of the Outpost.

It seems that a fire was accidentally started inside of the Outposts camp which caused a panic in the group, wherein all members scrambled to leave the camp and escape the fire. It's theorized that the priest's rations and supplies were destroyed in said fire, causing them to slowly starve to death in the woods.

Outpost attempt 4- “Outpost Redforest”

Outpost red forest was founded by thirteen people in a joint operation between the M.E.G. and the Followers Of Jerry with the goal of eventually creating an outpost within level -4. It was created at the barn entrance with the idea being to encourage newcomers of Level -4 to join, however after eight months the outpost had collapsed.

Of the thirteen people in the red forest, three survived and were recovered albeit with severe mental damage. The other ten had been killed as a group by an unknown force that the survivors called “The gray one”. Their corpses were once again holding hands in a circle within the barn, however, the eyes of all the victims were missing.

Preface: The following is an interview with Volunteer Alan Turner, who delivered food supplies to various outposts in level -4.

Entrances And Exits:


Level -4 can be randomly entered through various doors in Level -12, however the door back to Level -1 will disappear upon entry. As previously stated, all entrances lead to the barn.


It is possible to exit Level -4 by wandering miles into its woods, wherein there is a random chance you may no-clip either back to Level -1 or to Level -5.

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