Phenomenon 22
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@ Andrew394 |

backguy97 Today at 13:34
hey andrew funny
Andrew394 Today at 13:35
bro why did you call me andrew funny?
backguy97 Today at 13:35
cuz thats ur name you susman
Andrew394 Today at 13:36
yes i know that i make memes but my name isnt andrew funny
backguy97 Today at 13:37
andrew that is your real name. did you bang your head on a wall and forget that your name is andrew funny?
Andrew394 Today at 13:39
no, my name was never andrew funny
backguy97 Today at 13:40
when i first met you, you said "im andrew funny"
Andrew394 Today at 13:41
backguy, did you bang your head on a wall or did the backrooms get you?
backguy97 Today at 13:41
[[size 95%]]Today at 13:43
im going to report this to major explorer group. this doesnt look normal


Aptronyms is a phenomenon where a person has a last name, first name, or both that suit what they do. The phenomenon makes the person think that their name is an Aptronym, and also affects their friends or people that know them well.

The Phenomenon has caused major confusion to many people throughout the backrooms. The Major Explorer Group now wants people to not only spell acronyms completely due to Phenomenon 11, but also to make people mention someone by their full former name.


As mentioned above, the Major Explorer Group now makes people mention someone by their full former name to fight this phenomenon. We are currently somewhat stopping it.

Relevant Parties:

The General Public Database, wanderers, and the Major Explorer Group are affected by this in a bad way. Aptronyms can make employees and wanderers confused.


The discovery of Aptronyms happened on May 10, 2023, and was made by Andrew Fischbach, who is now referred to as "Andrew Funny" due to the phenomenon. He reports that his friend, who he refers to as "backguy97," called him Andrew Funny every time he talked to him on Discord.


Inaptronyms are a sub-category of Aptronyms where the name does not fit what the person does.

List of Opinions

The beacon of hope in humanity,
Major Explorer Group

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